Room Additions

room_additions-1Sometimes it is necessary to go for room additions to make your home more functional, spacious and efficient to satisfy all the needs of your family. Whether you are willing to open up any room or want to add space in your home, you are at right place! When it comes to room addition, it is imperative to intermingle the new addition with old one. We Mega Group Builders have proven that we are domain leaders in room additions. Only a few builders are there to compete with us with same level of industry expertise and knowledge. Our prime forte is that we blend the room addition in your existing with perfection.


Whether you want to add a new room, kitchen, and bathroom or want to build a new story, we have reasonably priced and flexible solutions for you. We not only aid you to add functional space in your house, also enhance its style while keeping and enhancing the novel architecture of your house.  We offer fully tailor made services to suits your needs. Whether you need a home for your kids, a second bathroom or some storage space, we are the experts.


room_additionsWe have a wide range of layouts for different additions to choose from. Depending on your budget, specific requirements, and life style, our professionals can help you to choose the best. With a customer centric approach we have added new rooms onto millions of rooms in our serving area. When you avail our room addition services, our well experienced staff will work closely with you to ensure that construction and home remodeling work goes seamlessly, safely and quickly. Our experts strive to finish the project on time and within your budget.


We are a professionally supervised company and understand that it is really stressful and irritating to go for new addition in your home. This is the reason we pay special attention on your comfort and safety throughout the process. So, you are not required to compromise with your comfort when we are in your for new room additions.


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