Upgrade the quality and worth of your home by installing new flooring that will impress everyone. Mega Group Builders offer a wide assortment of surface flooring options including but not limited to :

  • Carpet Styles
  • Hardwoods
  • Wide-ranging Laminates
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Multipurpose Sheet Vinyl and more…


Whether you are intending to install tile flooring in your bathroom or kitchen, or  contemporary hardwood flooring in your living room or lobby, we  provide top-notch installation, repair, and replacement services. We have a wide range of options in materials, shades, patterns and styles to choose from. Depending on your specific requirements, life style, and personal choice, yon can choose the best options.


Choosing the right flooring is not always an easy job. One needs to keep various factors in mind including material, location within house, durability, style and budget. However, our professionals can help you to choose the best as per your budget and needs.  Our experts can give you an overview over the best quality flooring products so that you can enjoy long lasting durability.



We know and appreciate that you need to know what a project will cost in the starting. Once you discuss all details of project with us, we can provide you a cost estimate. There is no surprise cost or hidden charges. The cost depends on the type of flooring, size of floor, material and design, etc. By choosing all factors we can deliver you the best quote.


We have assembled a team of factory trained experts who have in depth knowledge in floor installation. They make sure installation will be done professionally and complete in a timely manner. Using cutting-edge techniques and tools we are able to install different types of flooring with excellence.


Being a reputable builder, we know that no job is too small, or too big for us. We assign every flooring project to an experienced project manager who can handle everything efficiently as per your expectations. Apart from installation, we offer floor repair, replacement, staining and regular inspection services.


Avail our services today to transform the overall look of your home.